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Used by: Endor Rebel Soldier

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This blaster was the standard rifle of the Rebel troops led by Captain Han Solo during the mission to Endor's forest moon. It is based on the BlasTech A280 used by the rebels during the battle of Hoth.

Until recently the closeup of the blaster seen in the photo above was the only detailed photo available of the prop. The full prop photo seen at top was provided by a private collector who currently owns one of these blasters. The prop was composed of the two sections seen below attached to the lower receiver of an M-16 or AR-15 rifle.

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Main prop components
Photo: Dan Shea Technical Editor Small Arms Review magazine

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M-16 Lower Receiver (shown without clip)

The rifle's bolt carrier was installed, so blanks could be used. It was most likely capable of only one shot at a time to be used as a "marker" during filming.

The sight on the end of the barrel is plastic. A tube was slid over the barrel and a wooden grip was mounted to it. The grip may have been from a shotgun or custom turned on a lathe. The clip added in front of the receiver is plastic, origin unknown.

On top of the rifle, like on it's Hoth predecessor, is an original Single Point red dot scope. The piece added in front of the scope is plastic and protruding from the front of it is an unknown metal piece.

Single Point Scope
Made in England by Singlepoint (Great Britain) Ltd.
Photo: Richard Jacobsen

The M16/AR15 flash hider was placed on top of the blaster, just behind the scope. It is attached to another cylindrical part about the same length.

On top of the blaster just behind the scope is an unidentifed flash hider possibly from a HK-91.

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