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Covertec Belt Clip: Ordering Info

The following is the standard response email from Covertec in reply to any interest in purchasing the clips.
Tell them the guys from The Parts of Star Wars sent you.


Thank you for your enquiry relating to the Covertec belt clip.

We can offer these at the following prices:
1 x     5.00 ea
2 x     4.50 ea
5 x     4.00 ea
10 x    3.80 ea
25 x    3.70 ea
50 x    3.60 ea
100 x   3.25 ea

*** Please note that we can ONLY ship in these quantities***

Please note that we can no longer whip the "wraparoud" belt clip, only the clip with the belt return.

The above prices exclude VAT @ 17.5%, which is only charged for EEC shipments.

All prices exclude carriage -this can be by Post (cheap, no insurance, sent at your own risk), or DHL (expensive, fast, & insured).

Please contact us stating which quantity you want to order, and the type of carriage required, and we will email you a quote by return.

All deliveries subject to availability.

Payment is by VISA or Mastercard.

Thanks for your enquiry

Z Greppi

Tel: +44 1202 422 570
Fax: +44 1202 422 870