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Used by: Bith Band

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A Bith musician plays this unusual instrument from the stands at the Mos Espa Arena during the Boonta's Eve Pod Race.

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The Bith Musician

The top most piece of this prop, that goes into the Bith's mouth, is a brass hose barb with a male fitting for joining a 3/8" hose to a 1/2" threaded pipe.

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Brass Hose Barb

The main shaft of the instrument is made from various galvanized iron pipe fittings. We have yet to find the exact brand used, other brands have minor differences than those used on the prop. The fittings the brass hose barb is screwed into is a 3/4" - 1/2" bell shaped reducing coupling. This is followed by two 3/4" x 5" nipples joined in the center by 3/4" coupling. Next is a 3/4" union with the large center part being hex-head (some brands make octagonal heads, but these are incorrect). The union is joined to the bottom end with a 3/4" hose-to-pipe connector.

The bottom end of the instrument is an aluminum Water Bubbler model No. 600 made by  Thompson Mfg. Co. located in Chino, CA. It seems this type of water bubbler is only available on the west coast so it's likely that ILM picked it up at their local Home Depot. The bubbler was painted for a weathered look.

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No. 600 Water Bubbler by Thompson Mfg. Co.

White stripes were spray painted onto the two 5" long nipple sections after the prop was put together, as is evident by the slight overspray onto the other fittings. A 1/4" diameter 10" long pipe or solid rod was attached to the side of the prop, the material of this piece is unknown.

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Item Approx. Price Available From
No. 600 Water Bubbler by Thompson Mfg. Co. $5.00 Home Depot (West Coast)
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