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Used by: Darth Maul

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This lightsaber is almost entirely resin cast from a master prop. The original prop proved to be too short for actor Ray Park to weild with the two blades. It was therefore recast with all it's details (except the large o-rings) and reassembled duplicating middle sections to add length. It was painted silver and assembled onto a 3/8" diameter steel rod. The emitter ends remained metal.

The emitter plates of each end were custom machined from aluminum on the hero prop but cast in resin and painted silver on other versions (1 13/16" diameter, 3/16" thick). Various sizes of stacked chrome plated metal washers make up the rest of the emitter ends.

The diameters are as follows:
2", 1 1/2" (x2), 2", 1 1/2" (x2), 2", 1 1/2", 1", 1 1/2", 1", 1 1/2"

Closeup of Lightsaber Emitter

Five large rubber o-rings were used at various points along the shaft. One just under each angled emitter end, one next to each ridged section and one in the center.

The following information on the details of this lightsaber refer to the shorter unused master version of the prop. On the film used version seen above these were all cast in resin while on the main shaft.

The Original Darth Maul Lightsaber Design

Along the shaft of the lightsaber are red anodized aluminum knurled knobs (painted red on final cast saber) and smaller silver plastic buttons with ridged sides. Both types of buttons have small rubber o-rings underneath them. The silver buttons were black plastic but painted silver on both the original short prop and final film used design. One of these black buttons can be seen on Darth Maul's binoculars.

Also along the saber are 5mm LEDs with chrome metal bezels (1 cm diameter) paired with small allen head screws with washers.

5 mm LED with 1 cm Diameter Chrome Bezel

The lightsaber's shaft was custom machined.

The round black piece on the handle is half of a system for attaching the saber to Maul's belt. The other half is a clip worn on the belt that the "knob" on the prop slides into with a simple downward action. By design, the prop remains free to pivot within the clip and is released simply by pressing the two arms on either side of the clip.

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Covertec Belt Clip

These clips are made by Covertec a European manufacturer of protective cases for PDAs, HPCs, mini-notebooks and cellular phones.

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