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Used by: Saesee Tiin

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Jedi Master Saesee Tiin's lightsaber is primarily made of a section of Darth Maul's lightsaber. The reason for the design's duplication is unclear.

Like most of the lightsabers, this one is constructed of a resin casting of a custom machined shaft, painted silver and assembled onto a 3/8" diameter steel rod. Each end of the prop was finished with metal found objects.

The lightsaber's blade emitter was probably made from a radial bearing retention or retainer ring, used around the collar of bike handlebars. An exact matching bearing has not yet been found. This piece is used again below the short metal cylinder under a group of stacked chrome plated metal fender washers. Another fender washer (1 1/2" diameter) was inset in the top ring.

On the side of the saber is a red anodized aluminum knurled knob for an activator button and a smaller black plastic button with ridged sides. Both have small rubber o-rings underneath them.

Next to the buttons on the shaft are a 5 mm LED with a chrome metal bezel (1 cm diameter) paired with a small allen head screw with washer.

5 mm LED with 1 cm Diameter Chrome Bezel

On the very end of the prop is a round metal piece that has a nub surrounded by eight holes. This same part is used on many other props including the Jedi Testing Screen and Adi Gallia's lightsaber. The piece is likely a capture plate for an assembly of ball bearings. Eight bearings would sit in the holes and be captured between two of these plates, the nub being the center turning point.

The round black piece on the handle is half of a system for attaching the saber to the Jedi's belt. The other half is a clip worn on the belt that the "knob" on the prop slides into with a simple downward action. By design, the prop remains free to pivot within the clip and is released simply by pressing the two arms on either side of the clip.

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Covertec Belt Clip

These clips are made by Covertec a European manufacturer of protective cases for PDAs, HPCs, mini-notebooks and cellular phones.

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