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Used by:

Captain Panaka
Naboo Security Officer

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This gun was made from a Walther LPM-1 compressed air pistol. Shown below, the 4.5mm caliber airgun features walnut grips.
Length - 408 mm
Width - 49 mm
Height - 145 mm
Weight - 1110 grams

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Walther LPM-1

A handguard was added to the right side of the grip on some of the guns, but not all. We believe this may be an optional accessory for the air pistol.
Note: the lower of the two initial photos on this page shows the prop with this handguard.

As with the Security S-5 Blaster and others, resin copies were made from the master as we see in Lynne's Diary #4 on the official Star Wars site and then painted to match the original. It is likely that most of the blasters we see in the film are these resin copies.

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Naboo Blasters under construction
(Lynne's Diary #4)

A "knob" as pictured above is attached to the side of the gun's grip and slides into a clip worn on the belt. By design, the props remain free to pivot within the clips and are released simply by pressing two arms on either side of the clip. The clip can be seen still attached to the prop in the top photo on this page. These clips, originally, are from Covertec a European manufacturer of protective cases for PDAs, HPCs, mini-notebooks and cellular phones.

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Covertec Belt Clip

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Item Approx. Price Available From
Walther LPM-1 $1300.00 Champion's Choice
PHONE: (615) 793-4066
Covertec Belt Clip £2.80 (in quantities of 5) Exportech -
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