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After the defeat of the Trade Federation forces, the Queen celebrates the victory with her people wearing this stunning dress to the celebration.

The flower-like texture of the dress is formed from chiffon and organza fabric petals that have been individually dyed and hand-painted. There are approximately 250 "petals" layered over one another. Japanese parasols inspired the large round collar.

For the occassion, the Queen wears her hair pulled back into five loops that radiate from behind her head. This slick hairdo was inspired by Hopi Indian styles.


The Queen's makeup was designed with a Japanese Kabuki style. For the porcelain white base color makeup artist Paul Engelen used RCMA Ivory (He found clown white was too bright and made the eyes look red). The powder applied after the ivory base was Channel 01 Aube Power Lumiere Press». The circles on either cheek were done with red "lake" lip pencil. This same color was used on her top lip and the center section of her lower lip. Nars "Fire Down Below" is the brand and exact color. A white base color was used on either side of the red mark on the bottom lip. Other makeup used included Lancome Elancil black mascara and Givenchy Prizm Topaz (eyeliner?). The eyebrows were sculpted in brown/black.