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Used by:
Queen Amidala
Captain Panaka

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We believe the main part of this gun to be a custom made piece spun on a lathe and then chrome plated or more precisely vaccu-metalized. The half-egg shaped dome on the rear of the gun appears to be a separate piece possibly even made out of a plastic Easter egg or a resin casting of such. The barrel seems to at least be based on a butane grill lighter if not actually taken directly from one. We have not been able to identify the exact model, although a model made by Coleman is similar. If anyone finds out please let us know. The grip as well seems to have been custom made then painted with a simulated wood finish.

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Coleman Butane Lighter

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Captain Panaka at the ready

You have probably noticed in the film that there are long barreled versions of this weapon as well. You can check them out on the Naboo Royal Pistol page.

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Item Approx. Price Available From
Coleman Butane Lighter $5.00 K-Mart, Meijer
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