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Used by: Citizens of Mos Espa

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The entire planet's covered with it, but after a Tatooine sandstorm, local merchants and their wares can get buried in sand. To clean up the mess, local beings use a device called an electrostatic sandstat.

The sandstat was built from a GardenVac manufactured by the Flymo company of England. Used in landscape maintenance, the unit is a combination electric blower and vacuum unit.

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Flymo GardenVac 1500 plus

The GardenVac controls were replaced by a flat panel with 3 white square buttons and other small details. Two large rectangular panels were mounted on top towards the end of the unit. The complete prop was also, of course, completely repainted.

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Item Approx. Price Available From
Flymo GardenVac 1500 plus $100.00-$160.00 Flymo
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