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This little droid can be seen in the Naboo main hangar deck and also in Watto's junk shop.

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The main body of this droid is a Rubbermaid Action Packer storage container. It is the 8 gallon/ 30.3 liter size in black. The container was turned upside down and the latches and lid were removed.

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Rubbermaid Action Packer - 8 gallon storage container

These are still currently sold, but there was recently a minor design change. The two side latches now attach differently, so the shape in that area is slightly different.

The silver hoses are most likely black plastic tubing commonly available at hardware stores and automotive suppliers painted silver.

The black caution lines around the base of the droid were created by masking the black container before it was painted yellow. Wide chrome tape was used to decorate various parts of the droid's shell.

There were two different scrubber droids made, they have various differences but share many common parts. The version shown at top has an "eye" called a monocular navigation photoreceptor. This piece is the same as the holographic projectors on R2-D2's head. It is a pilot's reading light from an old Viscount 700 Airliner.

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A circuit board near the bottom of the droid was also used in the building of Watto's handheld datascreen and other props. This version also has a piece in common with the grappling hook on the Security S-5 Blaster. It's located on top between the pair of silver hoses. The part is a section cut from a resin casting of the grappling hook, originally made from a metal knurled ring with four woodruff keys glued on as fins.

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Unidentified Part

Both scrubber droid versions have antenna dishes on top. They were made by combining the antenna from resin cast Naboo security comlinks and dish shaped plastic elliptical vessel heads available from Plastruct.

The "eye" of the second scrubber droid type is a clear plastic hemisphere.

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Item Approx. Price Available From
Rubbermaid Action Packer $10.00 K-Mart, Meijer
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