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Used by:
Queen Amidala
Captain Panaka

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During the battle to capture the Trade Federation Viceroy, the two Naboo groups led by Padm» and Captain Panaka use these units for signalling each other to begin the attack.

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This small prop is a modified Clearline Concepts keychain laser pointer model CL 2005. Another company markets an identical model, the TI-333 laserpointer, probably made by the same overseas manufacturer. The pointer is 1/2" in diameter and less than 3" long.

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Clearline Concepts keychain laser pointer model CL 2005

There are other laser pointers by the same company with the same model number, but they differ from the correct prop version. These pointers share the same model number because a newer version has recently been released to replace the older, correct version.

The tip of the laserpointer was painted black and a 1/2" rubber O-ring was added just behind it. Two pieces, approximately 1/4" diameter and 1 1/16" long, were added to the side, but we have not yet identified them. These pieces were also used for the voice pickup on the Jedi comlinks. They are partially painted chrome for the signalling unit.

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unidentified part

Two more rubber O-rings (approximately 3/4") were added around the back of the prop. In the film, Padm»'s signal light is red and Panaka's is blue (his laser color was modified in post production).


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Laser Pointer (Model TI-333) $18.00
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