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Used by:
Qui-Gon Jinn (in screenplay)

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Though these props were cut from the final version of the film, they're a topic of interest nonetheless. The hooked device is the Jedi Wire Launcher used by Qui-Gon to escape from the Gungan sub before it fell over a waterfall. Jar Jar and the two Jedi made it safely to the shores of Theed thanks to this unseen prop.

The second prop may be the stand in prop for use after the rope was launched.

The main cylinder is the big mystery. It could be a bicycle part or something from the medical supply warehouse in England used as a part source by the propmakers. A rubber O-ring is on the bottom version. It's possible it came on the part, but it could have easily been added on (O-rings were used extensively on the Episode I props).

The hook appears to be custom made.

The pointed tip may be a spike used on clothing such as leather jackets. Princess Leia has similar ones on her Boushh costume in ROTJ.

Engraved on the side of the bottom prop is a Lucasfilm prop identification number. It begins "JAK" which was the name of the production company set up for Episode I. The initials are for the names of George Lucas' children.

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