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Used by:
Captain Panaka
Naboo Security Officer

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Captain Panaka and his Royal Naboo Security Forces communicate via these comlinks on their belts.

We've heard that the comlink unit was cast in resin from a breath freshener available in England. The retail price is around 12 dollars, or maybe pounds. We theorize that the antenna is likely the pump and when pressed, minty liquid sprayed from the bottom. This information is currently unconfirmed.

Wrapped around the resin casting is some type of perforated material which was painted green. This material might be a type of tape or maybe a thin plastic tubing, it was also used on the Jedi Aquata Breather tanks.

Attached to the side of the comlink is some sort of electronics part.

The comlink holder appears to be cast from a found object, but we have no idea what it was cast from.  Attached to it is a Covertec belt clip knob as used on numerous Episode I props.

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Covertec Belt Clip

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