Used by: Stormtroopers

These blasters from Return of the Jedi (as in the above picture) were made from replica Sterling submachine guns, made by Model Gun Corporation of Japan, instead of the real thing. The folding stock was riveted in place through the short arm just above the rectagular hole. Covering the vent holes are seven sections of aluminum channel riveted in place (2 rivets each).

sterep.jpg (16691 bytes)
Sterling MK-V (Canadian C1 Type Sub Machine)
replica by Model Gun Corporation - Japan
(shown without clip)

The ammunition clip was cut approximately in half, the magazine follower and spring were removed from the inside.

s2clip.jpg (9247 bytes)
Clip from replica

Just behind the clip is a rectagular piece that we're not quite sure about yet. The two odd shaped pieces riveted towards the back are believed to be hammers from an old Winchester rifle. On top of the gun a large scope mount was added. The short scope is a custom piece made to simulate the look of the the earlier ESB stormtrooper scopes. We have not yet identified the exact parts, although it is known that the major portion is cutdown from a real scope and the large front end was then riveted to the cutdown part by a single rivet on the top of the "scope."  The scope is mounted to the base by a 1&kég; Weaver scope ring (exact style unknown).