Modified Mandalorian Armor


 Jet Backpack
 Survival Knife
 Anti-Security Blades

 Modified EE-3 Blaster Rifle
 Sonic Beam Weapon



Pre-Filming Version (Tools Unpainted)
Final The Empire Strikes Back Version

Though the Empire version is shown above the only prop that changed was the Anti-Security Blades (see below for full photo of the ROTJ version of this prop)

From Left to Right:

Survival Knife - Actually a Paterson chemical stir stick, used to mix photo developing chemicals. Seen in the left photo upside down and unpainted, the final version was painted mauve and weathered.

Paterson Chemical Stir Stick

Sonic Beam Weapon - Made from a Paterson squeegee, also used in photo developing. Seen below, it was cut off at the black line indicated (4.5 inches from the end) and again to the left of that, somewhere past the black dot (which is the point holding that half of the squeegee on). The bottom most point of the finger grip area was cut off and both squeegee blades were removed. Though originally left plain, before filming began it was painted and stripes were added.

PatSquee.jpg (14768 bytes)
Paterson Squeegee

Anti-Security Blades - made from the 4.5 inch section cut from the Paterson squeegee. In the first photo above it is upside down. Below is a full photo of the ROTJ version. Two metal rods were taped to it with 1" electrical tape. A rectangular black piece (approximately 2" x 4") was also added (material unknown). This piece is longer than the original ESB version, presumably to make the prop stick out of the shin pocket more. A red stripe was also added to this version.

fettbladerotj.jpg (26239 bytes)
Anti- Security Blade

Jet Pack Adjustment Tool - This prop is still unidentified.


BlasTech EE-3 Blaster Rifle bfgun_sm.gif (5120 bytes)

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Paterson Squeegee $28.99 B & H Photo
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