The Ranch
Your Hosts
Chris Trevas (left) and Chris Reiff (right)
on the front steps of the main house at Skywalker Ranch!

George and Chris
George Lucas and Chris

What?! NO FLASH!!!
Chris and George Lucas

3 Amigos
Chris, Chris, and Michael "Collectors Empire" Wistock
at the entrance to Skywalker Ranch

F$%# YEA!!
Michael Wistock, Rick, Chris, & Chris

Steve Sansweet you're my hero
The Steve Sansweet Fan Club

Chris with the Ep 1 C-3PO prop

SW Dinner
Star Wars Dinner (San Diego '98)

Chris and a Battle Droid

San Diego Geeks
Mike Stackpole, Chris, Chris, & Steve Sansweet

Moons over Miami.....Anyone?
The 1999 Star Wars Dinner

At Steve's '97
SteveFest '97

I managed to save my dignity....mostly.
Chris Pod Racer

Are you 18 yet?
Smithsonian Exhibit Opening

Is that a giant Mon Chi Chi?
More Smithsonian Exhibit