Used by: Greedo

"Oota Goota Solo?"
(translation: Going somewhere Solo?)
Not with this blaster pointed at his chest. Greedo went after Han with this blaster made from a Ruger Mark 1 pistol.

ruger.jpg (18395 bytes)
Ruger MK 1 (Model T678)

The above picture is retouched photo showing what the blaster prop looked like. At first this blaster seemed to be one of the least documented weapons of the Star Wars universe, until we realized that it originally belonged to a Jawa. There are many still photos taken before the film that have two Jawas standing side by side, one holds Han's droid caller, the other what would later become Greedo's blaster. In the Jawa photos the blaster has the same flash suppressor as Han Solo's famous gun, but by the time filming began the end was changed, presumably because it looked too much like the gun of the rogue it was to be used against. The new end with it's small sharp ridges is part of a plastic model airplane engine (2 halves glued together).

Model airplane engine part

Two long rounded rectagles were added above and below the cartridge ejection port. Missile like parts (possibly from plastic model kits used to detail the spaceship models) were attached just above the trigger and on top of the gun connecting to the rear sights. Buttons were added towards the tops of the grips on both sides covering the topmost grip screws. The right one (seen partially in the top picture) would presumably cover the Ruger logo also (A red circular phoenix which looks surprisingly similar to the Rebel Alliance logo). The one on the left grip is half of a metal snap.