Used by:
Han Solo (Hoth)


The majority of this prop is still a mystery. It's approximate size is 22 x 14 x 50 cm. The main body of the prop seems to be a case for something. It's metal painted white, which is probably it's original color. The finish has held up well over the years leading us to believe it's the original baked on paint coating. There is a seam line down the center and at the bottom are hex head bolts that the two halves hinge upon. It's unclear exactly why this case opens down the middle.

The colored rectangular and circle bits are electronic buttons and switch covers. Imperial rank bars used similar rectangular switch covers. The round stamped metal parts with 3 smaller circles on them were attached using 3 round head slotted screws each. These parts are also used on the Snowtrooper belt buckles, but remain unidentified.

On one side of the prop under the right large metal knob is a piece from the Revell Visible V-8 model kit. It is part #32 the engine's thermostat housing. The red plastic is barely visible sandwiched between several parts and covered in gray primer.

Part #32 of the Revell Visible V-8 Engine and it's location on the prop.

Low on the sides of the box are two white plastic pieces screwed on with flat slotted screws. These are split open AM aerial/earth connector plugs used on many a European tuners in the 60's and 70's. The holes in the center where for the pair of connector pins. On the Portable Scanner prop these parts were attached with the exterior facing out while for Boba Fett's BlasTech EE-3 Blaster Rifle and Darth Vader's neckbrace the same parts were used interior side out. The parts seem to have been used to cover up some rectangular holes in the side of the box. In the prop's present condition (as seen in the photo gallery) one of the split plugs is missing revealing the hole underneath.

The AM connector plug exterior as seen on this prop, and the interior as seen on other props

Many of the antennae and top pieces were likely added on. Near the side edges on top are two black plastic model pieces with many holes in them (exact indentity unknown, but this piece is found on several other ESB props). Another pair of pieces on top are marked "Assembly" (see image gallery below), the same part is also found on top of the Electrobinoculars.

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