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    Added pic and info to Luke ROTJ Saber page
    Added DL-44 Stunt Blaster page
    Added info to snowtrooper page

    Added Vader ROTJ Saber Prop Gallery
    Updated Obi-Wan / Skywalker Stunt Saber Page
    Updated Contributors Section
    Added info to Holiday Saber Page
    Added Luke ROTJ Saber Prop Gallery
    Added pic to E-11 ROTJ page
    Added pic to ANH DDC Defender page
    Prequel Parts: Added Queen's Ship Page

    Prequel Parts: Added pic to CR-2 Heavy Blaster page

    Prequel Parts: Updated Qui-Gon Saber page
    Prequel Parts: Updated Mace Windu Saber page
    Prequel Parts: Updated Obi-Wan Saber page
    Prequel Parts: Updated Ki-Adi-Mundi Saber page
    Prequel Parts: Updated Adi Gallia Saber page
    Prequel Parts: Updated Darth Maul Saber page

    Prequel Parts: Added pic to CR-2 Heavy Blaster page
    Added pic to Endor Rebel trooper blaster page

    Added info to Hoth Rebel Trooper Blaster page
    Added info to Ponda Baba's Blaster page

    Updated Obi-Wan's ANH Saber page
    Prequel Parts: Added Most Wanted "Unidentified" Section
    Prequel Parts: Added Mace Windu Saber Images

    Updated ALL Blastech E-11 pages
    Updated EE-3 ESB page

    Updated Luke ANH Droid Caller page
    Updated Han ANH Droid Caller page
    Updated Han ESB / ROTJ Droid Caller page
    Updated Fusion Cutter page
    Added Kobold Image Archive
    Added MPP Image Archive

    Added Luke Skywalker ROTJ Saber Version 2 page
    Added Kenobi (ANH) / Skywalker (ROTJ) Saber page
    Added Leia Ceremonial page
    Revised Vader ROTJ Saber page
    Added pic to Holiday Saber page
    Prequel Parts: Added Pic to Kenobi Saber page

    Added Most Wanted Unidentified Parts Page
    Added Refrence Resource Page
    Added grip info to Rebel Hoth Trooper Blaster Pistol page

    Added Malakili Gaffi Stick page

    Added 2nd Gaffi Stick page

    Added Vibro-Lance page
    Prequel Parts: Added info to Comlink page

    Added Holiday Special Lightsaber page
    Added Traing Remote info (Frank Cerney)

    Prequel Parts: Added Supply Line Info to Signaling Unit

    Prequel Parts: Added image to Obi Saber page
    Prequel Parts: Added image to Naboo Detonator page

    Prequel Parts: Added Darth Maul Boot info
    Added Fleet Officer Blaster Pistol page
    Added Sandtrooper Heavy Blaster Pistol page
    Added Main Classic Supply page

    Prequel Parts: Added Diagnostic Screen page

    Added info to Vibro-Ax
    Prequel Parts: Added Ki-Adi-Mundi Saber page
    Prequel Parts: Added Adi-Gallia Saber page
    Prequel Parts: Added Anakin: Padawan page

    Prequel Parts: Updated info on Qui-Gon & Obi-Wan pages

    Added ROTJ DL-44 page
    Added Obi-Wan Saber page
    Updated Contributors page
    Prequel Parts: Added info to Obi-Wan's Saber page

    Added ESB DL-44 pages
    Updated Lukes ESB Saber page
    Added Merr-Sonn Power 5 page
    Added Merr-Sonn Model 44 page

    Modified ROTJ DH-17 page
    Updated ROTJ DDC Defender page

    Added Dr. Evazan's Blaster Pistol page

    Prequel Parts: Added info to Anakin's page
    Prequel Parts: Added Naboo Detonator page
    Added Parts Chat
    Added Endor Rebel Trooper Blaster page
    Updated For Sale Page
    Updated Vader ROTJ Saber page with Catch Pic

    Prequel Parts: Added Prequel
Supply Lines Page
    Prequel Parts: Added Parts Talk Forum Page
    Prequel Parts: Added supply info the bottom of a lot of pages

    Prequel Parts: Added Signaling Unit page
    Prequel Parts: Added Yoda Saber page
    Prequel Parts: Updated Jedi Comlink page
    Prequel Parts: Updated Drixfar page

    Prequel Parts: Added info to all the Queen and Sabe pages
    Prequel Parts: Added Obi-wan and Qui-Gon pages
    Prequel Parts: Added Anakin page
    Prequel Parts: Added Scrubber Droid page
    Prequel Parts: Added Darth Maul page
    Added info to Vibro Ax page
    Added 8 Bubble photo to ANH Skywalker page
    Added The Friends of Jar Jar page

    Prequel Parts: Added Belt Clip info to appropriate Blaster and Character pages

    Prequel Parts: Added Qui-Gon Saber page
    Prequel Parts: Added Obi-Wan Saber page
    Prequel Parts: Added Maul Saber page

    Corrected image of Ruger on Greedo's Blaster page
    Updated Vader's ANH Saber page
    Updated info on Han's ANH BlasTech DL-44 page
    Updated Vader's ESB Saber page

    Added info to DLT-20A (IG-88's Pulse Cannon) page
    Added info to Rebley-v10 Micro Grenade Launcher (Bossk's Gun) page

    Prequel Parts: Added Battle Mauser page

    Prequel Parts: Added N-1 Starfighter Refueller page
    Prequel Parts: Added Naboo Civilian Comlink
    Prequel Parts: Added Sandstat page

    Prequel Parts: Added Drixfar Musical Instrument page
    Prequel Parts: Added A99 Aqua Breather page

    Prequel Parts: Added Sab»: Battle Dress page
    Prequel Parts: Moved Queen Amidala: Escape from Naboo page to Sab»...
    Prequel Parts: Updated N1 Pilot page

    Prequel Parts: Added Tatooine Blaster I page
    Prequel Parts: Added Tatooine Blaster II page

    Added new images to the photo gallery

    Prequel Parts: Added Security S-5 Blaster info
    Prequel Parts: Added Naboo Blaster I page
    Prequel Parts: Added Naboo Blaster II page
    Prequel Parts: Added CR-2 Blaster page
    Prequel Parts: Corrected Item and Character names per official info sources
    Prequel Parts: Added info to Battle Droid Blaster page
    Prequel Parts: Added Naboo Palace Guard page
    Prequel Parts: Added Naboo Security Officer page
    Prequel Parts: Added Naboo Security Guard page
    Prequel Parts: Added Queen's Costume pages
    Prequel Parts: Added info to Comlink page

    Prequel Parts: Added Jedi Food Pellet page
    Prequel Parts: Added Qui-Gon's Jedi Comlink page

4.28.99 (In the air on the way to Denver!)
    Updated some minor info on the BlasTech T-21 page
    Added part info to Biker Scout blaster page
    Corrected model info and manufacturer for scope as on the BlasTech DH-17 pages

    Added Death Star Controls page
    Added Picture and info to 2-1B page
    Added scope info to Rebley v10 (Bossk's Gun) page

    Prequel Parts: Added belt buckle to Naboo Palace Guard page

    Revised some info on Luke's Droid Caller page
    Revised info on MicroWelder page
    Revised info on X-wing page
    Added Zuckuss page
    Added Hoth Rebel Trooper Blaster Pistol page
    Added Fusion Cutter page
    Added info on pouches to Jawa page
    Prequel Parts: Added Naboo Palace Guard Pistol page
    Prequel Parts: Added Naboo Palace Guard page

    Prequel Parts: Added pic to Queen's Royal Pistol Page

    Added For Sale page

    Revised info on Mirco Welder Page
    Prequel Parts: Added Battle Droid Blaster Page & Info
    Prequel Parts: Added Queen's Royal Pistol Page

    Updated Luke Ceremonial page with new jacket pic

    Added ANH E-11 Version C page
    Added ANH E-11 Version D page

    Added X-Wing page to Starship Section of Item list
    Added Foce Pike info

    Added ANH E-11 Variation Guide Page
    Added FAQ link to "Home" page

    Added title graphics to Character List Page

    Added D-ring assembly info to ANH Skywalker Saber page

    BlasTech E-11 Version A1 page added
    BlasTech E-11 Version A2 page added
    Corrected BlasTech E-11 Version B page.
    Condensed the info on the BlasTech E-11 ANH/ESB version page
    Modified BlasTech E-11 ESB version page
    Added IG-88's Neural Inhibitor page

2.27.99 (8:30pm EST)
    Updates in progress.....Some pages might not be working or accurate
    Modified Title pic on Prequel page with animation
    Added BlasTech E-11 Version B page
    Updated info on the BlasTech DH-17 ANH page

    Added info to ROTJ BlasTech DH-17 page
    Added Prequel Jawa page
    Added info to Classic Jawa page
    Added info to BlasTech EE-3 pages

    Added Camera Screw Mount Picture to Han's ANH Droid Caller page
    Added BlasTech A280 (Hoth Rebel Trooper Blaster Rifle) page
    Added the ANH version of the BlasTech DH-17 (Rebel Fleet Trooper Blaster)

    Added info to Fett's ESB & ROTJ pages
    Added Vader's ROTJ saber info
    Added info to Luke (X-wing pilot) page
    Added info to X-wing pilot page
    Added MicroWelder page
    Added BlasTech DL-44 pages for Han and Luke ESB
    Added Steve to the Gaffi stick page

    Added new 10 round clip pics to ANH & ESB BlasTech E-11 pages
    Added ANH / ESB DH-17 page

    Added link to The Prequel Parts of Star Wars

    Added gun pic to IG-88's Pulse Cannon page

    Cleaned out the character link page. Now the links that are, if they don't already, they will eventually have pertinent info.

    Added Hengstler box image to ANH E-11 page
    Added Biker Scout Blaster Pistol
    Added Dengar Character Page

    Added Ponda Baba Page

    New Pic for IG-88's Pulse Cannon added
    New Pic for BlasTech DL-18 added

    Added flare gun pic to EE-3 pages

    Updated Ponda Baba's Blaster Page

    Added DLT-19 (MG-34) Page
    Added Ponda Baba's Blaster Pistol Page

    Added Luke Endor Page
    Added T-21 (Lewis Sandtrooper Gun) page
    Added Leia Endor page
    Added Endor Rebel Soldier Page

    Added info to DDC Defender pages

    Added info to Valken-38 (Dengar's Blaster) page
    Added info to Rebel Endor Soldier page

    Added new gun pic to DL-18 page

    Added link buttons on bottom of page
    Added Photo Gallery (bottom of Home page)
    Added Leia Endor Photo
    Added new, more accurate, pellet gun pic to DL-18 page

    Updated all pages

    Added info to several pages:
        Skywalker ANH saber
        Skywalker ESB saber
        Luke Jedi saber
    Added links and small pics to Chewie and lando skiff pages

    Misc. Changes and updates to item pages.

    Added more pics to item pages.....still need to add/remove incomplete & coming soon labels where appropriate
    Added Chewie pic
    Added "INCOMPLETE" & "COMING SOON" to list pages
    Added items to Items list and added Item pages
    Updated some Item Headings

    Added some info to Item page...
    Modified some Item pages...more pics

    Added blank character images to everyone who didn't have one....
    Added a couple of things to Items list....

    Fixed stuff......
    Added colors to lower links....
    Made lower frame smaller
    CE link opens new window now....hopefully this fixes crash bug...
    Added borders to some of the frames for separation....finally got narrower frame borders!!
    Replaced "e-mail" with graphic...(reduced the size a bit to make it fit nicer)
    Added the chronicles pic
    Updated the E-11 page with the new title
    Fixed spelling errors in disclaimer

    Added different colored backgrounds to various sections....
    Did all kinds of visable stuff......Scomp (It mails to both of us now), Bottom Links, etc...
    Hooked up Collector's Empire's Search Engine
    Added Item listing page

    Added index.html with Disclaimer info....Change links to
    Added Greedo Text
    Added Vibro-Ax and info to Lando Skiff Guard
    Added books page
    Added Boushh pic
    Added info to Chewie
    Added Han SW blaster
    Dr. Evazan Gun info added
    Scomp link image working!!!! Its cool!

6.5.98 (9:00p)
    Moved Site
    Added the last (for now) of the character names

5.17.98 (9:00p)
    Added M-38 scope to E-11 page
    Added another blaster pic to E-11 page
    Added 2-1B Character image

5.13.98 (11:00p)
    Newest character names added...
    Hard returns added before "Hoth" type titles

5.11.98 (10:00p)
    New Character pages added per uploaded specifics yet...

5.10.98 (11:30p)
    Preliminary Scomplink added (no mail link yet....)
    Border to left worked on...still in progress.
    Code underway for flipping switches

5.10.98 (2:00p)
    Really Rough of Luke Tatooine page up

5.10.98 (11:00a)
    New Luke Ceremonial page added

5.9.98 (10:00p)
    Ben's Lightsaber pic modified
    Bespin Guard gun added

5.9.98 (9:00p)
    Dr. Evazan/Alien gun pic added

5.9.98 (8:00p)
    DH-17 page added
    DH-17 links added from character pages
    Info updated for E-11

5.9.98 (5:00p)
    E-11 page added
    New Character Pics added
    E-11 Links added from character pages
5.6.98 (9:00p)
    New Character pics added

5.5.98 (10:00p)
    Hoth Rebel Soldier vickers added
    Rough Boba Fett pic added

5.5.98 (8:00p)
    Links page added
    Updated main logo
    Added character pics

5.3.98 (10:00p)
    Sandtrooper MG34 blaster added
    Luke Tatooine Linhof flash pic modified

5.3.98 (5:00p)
    2-1B pic modified
    Luke Tatooine macro pic added

5.3.98 (3:00p)
    Rebel Fleet Trooper
    Tusken Raider
    Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Endor Rebel Soldier
    Luke Bespin
    Luke Ceremonial
    Luke Hoth
    Luke Tatooine
    Emperor's Royal Guard