Used by:
Lando Calrissian (Skiff Guard Disguise)
Weequay (Skiff Guard)

The Skiff Guard vibro-ax was constructed of many parts, all of them assembled onto a length of 1 inch diameter PVC plumbing pipe. Starting from the top of the staff, the parts we know so far are as follows. Capping off the top of the pipe is a heavily modified chrome shower head. The nozzle itself was not used. The piece that held the nozzle is the very tip of the prop and below it is the section that screwed onto a water pipe. When screwed together the two pieces made the Vibro-Axe tip which is very similar to a hose adaptor like the one seen below.

hadapt.jpg (12002 bytes)
Hose Adaptor
(Similar to the shower head used)
Photo: Mat Clayson

To attach the modified shower head to the end of the pipe, a short wooden dowel was inserted into the top of the main pipe. Part of the dowel was left protruding to place the part over, and a set screw was driven through the side of the part attaching it to the dowel. On the side of the top section is a small rod, this piece is similar to the two control box rods on Darth Vader's chest box. The dimensions vary but the two parts may be related. The rod is attached with flat head slotted screws at each end.

The angled piece to which the blade is attached is a Gillette Super MAX hairdryer. These vintage hairdryers were also marketed as the "Max for Men" in brown.

suprmax.jpg (23385 bytes)
Gillette Super MAX Hairdryer

The blade itself was shaped out of a 3/4 inch thick piece of an industrial model making material called Rehn Shape, a dense polyurethane foam. On either side of the blade are two pieces made of 1/4 inch thick Rehn Shape. Attached to one of these side blade pieces is a knob-like part bearing the name "Yamaha". This is presumed to be part of the engine casing of a large scale plastic motorcyle model. The exact model kit is unknown.

There are three sections of some type of ridged material on the shaft of the prop. The exact type of plastic tubing used for these sections has not yet been positively identified. In the middle of the weapon is the "activation plate" located just above the middle piece of hose. This is the front vent-like section cut off of a Kenner Star Wars Han Solo toy blaster turned upside down. It was probably made from the Empire Strikes Back version because it was created around 1981 and that would be the version in stores at the time. Shown here is the Star Wars version, there is no difference between the two besides the sticker on the side.

The piece on the bottom of the vibro-ax is an attachment for a garden hose called a Soft-Flo Soaker. It was the model 5330C, manufactured by Melnor Industries Inc. Originally used to soften the flow of water from the hose when watering, there is a white or yellow filter seen inside through the slits in the bright green plastic.

Melnor "Soft-Flo Soaker" Model 5330C