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Used by:
Bib Fortuna

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(note: the photo in Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary is backwards, we've corrected it here.)

This blaster is quite a mystery. We're unsure if it actually shows up on film in Return of the Jedi, but Hasbro used it as the blaster pistol for their Bib Fortuna action figure.

A photo from LucasArt's Star Wars: Behind the Magic CD ROM has the blaster pictured with the BlasTech DH-17 which we used to determine it's size.

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Approximate Blaster Prop Size:
Length - 12"
Height - 6 1/2"

We believe this blaster was made from a tool of some type. The bottom protrusion in front of the trigger probably had a fold down stand for setting it on a workbench. That would make tools involving heat more likely since the stand would keep the tip raised away from the surface it sat on. A hot glue gun or soldering gun seem most likely. The handle also has a small base for setting it down and the electrical cord probably came out right behind it.

Other ideas are a drill, screwdriver or maybe an air tool.

The "trigger" is a locking latch used on ski boots. Shown here is an example from a boot made in Switzerland by Heake. The latch is stamped with the name Martin. It is not the exact same part, but it is very close.

Ski Boot Latch
Photo: Russell Vaughn

The muzzle was probably an added on part, also unknown.

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