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Used by:
Han Solo (Hoth)

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Approximate Size 22 x 14 x 50 cm

The main body of the prop seems to be a case for something. It's metal painted white, which is probably it's original color. While many others props' paint has chipped badly over the years, this one has held up, leading us to believe it's the original baked on paint coating.

There is an obvious seam line down the center. At the bottom are hex head bolts that the two halves hinge upon. So this "case" opens down the middle, for what purpose?

The colored buttons were likely added on for the prop. The rectangular ones are probably the same type of button covers used for Imperial rank bars. The round metal parts with the 3 smaller circles on them were added on also (attached with 3 round head slotted screws each). These parts are also used on the Snowtrooper belt buckles.

Many of the antennae and top pieces were likely added on.


Miscelaneous Prop Images

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