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We would like to thank all those people out there who have been sending us info and helping to unravel the mystery of all the Star Wars props. There are a lot of people who have been doing this for a long time. If you do not see your name here and think it should be please let us know. We have been in contact with so many of you that we might have missed something in going through our records.

Brandon Alinger
Laszlo Beckett
Rob Browning
Sean Burgess
Frank Cerney
Brian Chandler
Mark Cheng
Mat Clayson Hi-Impact
Tony Damata
Steve Dymszo
Jason Daily
Jake Ehrichs
James Farthing
Jim Fowler
Ron Freeze
Matt Gauthier
Dave Gielda
Stuart Immonen
Richard Jacobsen
Scott Janish
Justin World Famous Comics
Hans Kim
Brent Kling
Lincoln Lee
Darryl Lynn The Grenade Recognition Manual
Ed Maggiani
Matthew Munson
Thomas Pearson
Jay Pennington
Dallas Poague
Bob Poate
Chris Reiff The Parts of Star Wars
Patrick Reilly
Shelby Rhodes
Jeff Ritzmann
Gino Sabatino
Vincent M. Sanchez
Scott Saunders Scott's Props
Mike Schiffbauer
Ron Sharp
John Shields
Tom Spina Tom's Prop Collection
Phil Steinschneider
The Weapons of Science Fiction
Santeri Tenhovirta
Chris Trevas Trevas Illustration
Russell Vaughn
Charles Wallace
Roger Wilsdorf

And to all those who have asked to remain anonymous...Thanks!