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Resin Casting of an M40 Telescope (1942 Version)

The item for sale is unpainted. Check the ANH E11 Variation Guide for exactly which Stormtrooper blasters had this type of scope.

............................$25.00 Shipped
Trades Considered

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Real Hengstler Counter Box (Eagle & Hengstler version)

Like we say in our FAQ there is nothing quite like finding a Hengstler Box in a pile of junk...We did just that but also found more than what we needed so up for sale they go. As with the scope above check out the ANH E11 Variation Guide for more info on this version and others.

E-mail for availability

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Stormtrooper Boot Replicas

Mark, 'TheDisturbance', Cheng has done a fantastic job of recreating the boots used for the stormtroopers. If you have, or have ever thought of having, a stormtrooper suit you should have a pair of these! E-mail Mark for details... Let him know The Parts of Star Wars sent you!