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Used by: Naboo Security Guard


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This blaster started life as the high-tech looking Calico M960 9mm submachine gun pictured below. The first modification made for the prop was the addition of squared off block detail pieces to the front of both the main grip and the forward grip. A similar piece was also added to the top of the front of the gun. These are likely made from scratch but it is always possible they are pre-existing junk. Also added are 6 or 7 "cooling fins" around the ammunition magazine (the cylinder on top of the gun). Again these are probably custom pieces. The muzzle brake on the front of the gun was removed and the barrel was covered by a larger diameter tube and silver "muzzle brake" detail piece again probably a custom piece. Finally, a custom machined scope and mount were added.

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Calico M960

As with the Security S-5 Blaster and others, resin copies were made from the master as we see in Lynne's Diary #4 on the official Star Wars site and then painted to match the original. It is likely that most of the blasters we see in the film are these resin copies.

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A painted resin copy from Lynne's Diary #4

In this photo, the forward attachment for the shoulder strap is plainly visable. It is a small clip screwed into the top of the gun holding a ring to which a luggage shoulder strap is attached. The same straps were also used on the Senate Guard rifle and as seat restraints in the Queen's Royal Starship.

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We are still researching the remaining parts for this prop.