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Used by:
Shmi Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker

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These are used as set dressing in the Skywalker quarters in Mos Espa.

Shmi's Diagnostic Screen, the one on the left above, sits at her workstation. It is built from a modified Fellowes Premier Weighted Base Copyholder (Stock #21125). The center section of the copyholder was cut out and approximately a one inch strip was trimmed away from the remaining piece still attached to the support arm. A transparent piece, probably Plexiglas, was attached to the back side of the main copyholder piece. The trimmed, support arm, section was then reattached to the back of the copyholder / Plexiglas assembly and the front was covered with a piece of black plastic most probably to cover the glue or bolts attaching the support arm to the assembly. Miscellaneous trim and detail pieces were added but we are still trying to identify them.

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Fellowes Copyholder

Anakin's Diagnostic Screen was created in a similar fashion probably with another brand of copyholder...If you find it please let us know.

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Item Approx. Price Available From
Fellowes Premier Weighted Base Copyholder
(Stock #21125)
$50.00 Computer Stores
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