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Used by: Naboo Security Guard

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Each Naboo Security Guard carries two of these detonators on their belt.

The entire prop was made from various plastic parts from the Plastruct Corporation. Two 2 3/4 inch hemispheres were combined to form the basic 2 3/4" sphere.

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Covertec Belt Clip

A Covertec belt clip knob was screwed onto the back of the prop on top of two custom cut plastic shapes. These same two plastic shapes are repeated on the front except instead of the knob there is a 3/4" hemisphere (part #---). On each side of the detonator is another football-shaped custom cut piece with a 1 1/4" elliptical vessel head (part #---) in the center and a 3/4" hemisphere on top of it. On the top and bottom of the detonator, another 1 1/4" elliptical vessel head was
used with a 7/8" elliptical vessel head (part #---) on top of it.

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Elliptical Vessel Head

So the total Plastruct part list is:
2 - 2 3/4" Hemispheres (to form 2 3/4" sphere) (part # VHH-275)
3 - 3/4" Hemispheres (part # VHH-24)
4 - 1 1/4" Elliptical Vessel Heads (part # VHE-40)
2 - 7/8" Elliptical Vessel Heads (part # VHE-28)

The six custom cut pieces were probably polystyrene plastic heated to conform to the shape of the sphere.

This construction process only needed to be done once for the master prop. It was then molded (without the Covertec knob) and the numerous detonator props were cast in resin. After painting, Covertec knobs were then screwed onto the final props.

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Item Approx. Price Available From
2 3/4" Hemispheres (VHH-275)
3/4" Hemispheres (VHH-24)
1 1/4" Elliptical Vessel Heads (VHE-40)
7/8" Elliptical Vessel Heads (VHE-28)
$3.40 each (VHH-275)
$.55 each (VHH-24)
$.70 each (VHE-40)
$.55 (VHE-28)
Phone: 800-666-7015
8 am - 3 pm PST
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