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Used by:
Darth Maul

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Under the cover of darkness, Darth Maul scans the desert landscape of Tatooine searching for his prey. These electrobinoculars aid his vision, but the Force tells him the Jedi are near.

The main body of this prop remains a mystery as dark as the Sith Lord who carries it. We believe it's a heavily modified found object or objects. The center is reminiscent of a travel mug or thermos.

On the end of the center cylindrical section appears to be a lens from a camera.

The main body has many tri-wing security screws on it, at least 5 on top. These screws were also used on the prototypes of the Jedi comlink. While they are available commercially from different fastener manufacturers, the screws used were likely military in origin. The heads of the screws have numerical markings that likely denote size, gauge and/or threading information.

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Tri-wing Security Screw

In-between the two eye ports is a metal piece with 8 holes in it. This part is also used on the Jedi testing screen and the lightsaber seen in the Episode I: Visual Dictionary labeled as Mace Windu's. On the electrobinoculars it is upside down (compared to the other props), so the center nub is stuck into the prop's casing.

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Unknown part common to many props

To the left of the eye ports is a cap from a panel-mount fuse holder. The word "Fuse" is clearly visible. Shown below is a similar fuse holder, the exact brand used on the prop is unknown.

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Similar Panel-Mount Fuse Holder

To the right of the eye ports are 2 different brass parts. The top one is probably the stem from a bicycle valve (a bike valve adapter was used on Obi-Wan's lightsaber). The knob below it may also be something bicycle related.

On the top of the prop are the same pair of buttons as on the Darth Maul lightsaber. A red anodized aluminum knurled knob and a smaller black button (on Maul's saber, which is all resin except the ends, it is painted silver). This same pair of buttons appear in the Episode I: Visual Dictionary on the lightsaber labeled as Mace Windu's.

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