Used by:
Princess Leia (aboard the Tantive IV)
Luke Skywalker (at the Rebel Ceremony)

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"There's one, set for stun!"
The famous last words of the Stormtrooper that met his fate at the receiving end of this long barreled sporting blaster.

This blaster prop was created from a Margolin .22 MTs target pistol. First developed in the 1950's and made by Soviet arms factory, earlier versions had plain barrels but later ones have the muzzle brake/compensator seen on this prop.

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Margolin .22 MTs Target Pistol

The barrel was extended where the larger smooth ridges begin after the front sight. These ridges were made from a section of a Graflex flash cord, left over from all the antique camera flashes used for lightsabers. The next set of small sharper ridges are believed to be part of a plastic model airplane engine (2 halves glued together) which leads into the front piece which is the muzzle brake that came on the gun.

Graflex Flash Cord

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Model airplane engine part

Though this prop is most famous for being used by Princess Leia, it should be noted that it was also the blaster worn by Luke Skywalker at the Rebel Ceremony on Yavin IV. A fact which has been lost on Kenner who has made both Luke ceremonial figures (3 3/4" and 12") with a Han Solo "Mauser style" blaster.

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