Yellow jacket 
 Black double breasted shirt 
 Brown pants with yellow Corellian bloodstripe 
 High Black Boots 
 Black gunbelt with holster 

 Rebel Alliance Medal of Honor 

 Drearian Defense Conglomerate Defender sporting blaster 



cerjack.jpg (42907 bytes) 

Luke's Ceremonial jacket is made from a size 38 racing jacket made in England at the time. The zipper has been covered by tan trim fabric. It has been taken in at the sides were tan trim has also been added. The flap on the breast pocket has been tucked in and a decorative fabric piece covers were the snap is. The jacket also had a snap on the right side of the collar which is either covered by the trim, removed or the collar was replaced.

Interesting Note: This jacket must have been a popular style in the 1970's. Besides being worn by Ponda Baba and later the Rebel Snowspeeder pilots in The Empire Strikes Back, it also made it onto a popular science fiction television series of the time. In the series Space 1999 the character Lt. Alan Carter (played by actor Nick Tate) wore this jacket in blue.

Lt. Alan Carter of Space 1999
Photo courtesy the Space1999.Net Catacombs


The gunblet is 1 3/4" black leather with an oval metal belt buckle available from Tandy Leather. Little is known yet about the holster except that it is not the same as Han's or Luke's other holsters. A rivet can be seen low on the belt about 2 inches from the rivet holding the buckle.

ovalbelt.jpg (8126 bytes)
Tandy Leather Oval Belt Buckle Blank


Luke is wearing black riding boots with a smooth dress finish. Shown above are East German military riding boots, however Luke's boots fit tighter and were taller. Most likely they were commercially made equestrian boots.


ddcdef_sm.GIF (3072 bytes)     Drearian Defense Conglomerate Defender sporting blaster