Used by:
Malakili (the Rancor Keeper)

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Malakili keeps the Rancor in check with this Gaderffii, the traditional weapon used by the Tusken Raiders.

The Gaderffii or "Gaffi Stick" was made from a wooden Fijian war club called a "totokia". The totokia used was the "pineapple type" so called because of the textured end with the pointed head that resembles the fruit. In fact, the weapon's design is based on another fruit, that of the pandanus tree. It was used to punch a hole in a victim's skull.

Totokia - a Fijian war club

Real Native Fijians!!!!!!!!!!!
Benji demonstrates the proper use of the Totokia on his friend Steve.

This prop is slightly different Gaderffii than the standard Tusken Raider type. It has a double pointed metal end that looks like cast metal, presumably custom made. It appears that the end was cast as a solid cone shaped piece then cut in half and reattached so the halves were slightly offset.