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Chris Trevas (left) and Chris Reiff (right)
on the front steps of the main house at Skywalker Ranch!

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The Parts of Star Wars

Our ultimate goal for this site is to develop an in depth database of the original parts used in the construction of the props from the entirety of the Star Wars saga. It has been, to say the least, an interesting exercise involving countless hours of pouring over photos, walking hardware store isles, and tracking down various leads around the world. We decided early on that we needed some way to keep track of everything we were figuring out and back in May of '98, with only a few pages, The Parts of Star Wars went online. The site has grown vigorously ever since and with the promise of many new props from the prequels there is no reason to think it will stop. We all have a lot of work ahead of us...

If you have any questions for us we are always happy to try to answer but please check the site and our FAQ first.

Chris Trevas:
    Trained in Illustration at the Center for Creative Studies, this Chris is a freelance illustrator currently working on a number of Star Wars projects both Classic and Prequel oriented. Check out his site to see just a small sample of the work he has done. (Lone Pigeon's Roost)

Chris Reiff:
    A Graphic Designer / Illustrator by education, Chris now works as a designer with S.O.E.D.A., Inc., a product design and development company. Check out their corporate site for more details. Adventures at SOEDA range from painting NASCARs and Episode I figures to designing Mini Star Wars Helmets for Riddell!

The same shirt?!
Chris Trevas at work on a painting of Boba Fett

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Chris Reiff at work on the Darth Vader Helmets from Riddell

Photo Gallery

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