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We always welcome any comments or questions anyone has but in order to make things a little easier on everyone we will try to answer some of the more common questions here.

Do you sell replicas?
    No we don't. If you are looking to buy replicas we recommend searching the web...the props are out there. Both officially licensed and fan made versions.

Do you have or sell plans / blueprints for any of the stuff on the site?
    Nope...sorry. Check the net somebody out there might. If you find any that are accurate let us know.

How do you make a functioning Lightsaber?
    You can't! Believe it or not there are still people out there that think this can work. It can't! Please don't e-mail us asking how to construct a functioning Lightsaber if we knew...well...we would at least have very cool costumes! That or a Nobel prize for physics...

Where do you get your info?
    From countless hours of searching through junk piles at camera shows, flea markets, and military surplus shops as well as going through all available reference from the film that we can including books, magazines, software (Behind the Magic), the internet, and last but not least the films themselves. Never underestimate the power of the pause button! We also can't forget all the fans out there. Word of mouth plays a large part in this if you know of something we don't have posted please let us know this is really a team effort. Ohhhh, one more thing....LUCK! Lots of luck!

Where can I buy the parts you list?
   Well most of the parts for the classic films are so old that nowhere has any in quantity if at all. Check our For Sale page...when we find parts in large quantity we will post extras here for you at a fair price. When we get parts in limited quantity we will be holding auctions through ebay...Check out those auctions here. If we don't have it, and chances are we won't, we recommend searching at camera shows, flea markets, military surplus stores, and most of all on the internet. It is all out there it just might take you a long time to find it. Trust us when we say that we know it is a hassle...we spend hours on end searching for stuff each week ourselves. Besides it is the thrill of the hunt that drives a lot of us...it is always pretty cool when you are digging through a box of old junk at a surplus parts store and find a hengstler counter for your Stormtrooper blaster!

Why don't you update the site more often?
    We update as we can but this site is a labor of love and we work on it in our free time which we seem to have very little of. That combined with the amount of research it seems to take even for the smallest bit of info make for less frequent updates than we would like. If you would like us to notify you when we make a sizeable update please subscribe to our mailing list by sending a brief e-mail to creiff@cinci.rr.com

Will you make a prop for me?
    Nope...Sorry...We have a hard enough time finishing the stuff we are working on without taking on anyone else's projects. We will be happy to try to help you if there is something we can do beyond the site but we honestly try to put everything we can up. Look through the site first! If you can't find it there feel free to ask us but chances are we don't know...

Do you have better reference than the images on the site that you can send me?
    Yes...But we aren't going to do your scanning...Everything we have up is easily available to anyone in the sources we list above. If you have something that might help us beyond what is commonly available please let us know...we will be happy to credit you if it is appropriate or not say anything at all if you would rather.