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Luke Skywalker

When the Jawas captured an astromech droid wandering the Jundland wastes, they made sure they wouldn't lose their prize. They welded a restraining bolt on poor old R2-D2 using this device to make sure he wouldn't get away.

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A Jawa attaches the restraining bolt to R2-D2
The prop beside C-3PO in Obi Wan's hovel

Luke Skywalker also used one of these welders to repair C-3PO's arm after they were attacked by Tusken Raiders. Seen in Luke's hand in the photo at top, this prop was actually a Microflame torch. This small brazing torch made by Microflame Inc. (Minneapolis, MN) is fueled by small cylinders containing Butane (red valve) and Micronox (Nitrous Oxide - green valve). It is unclear if the torch used was the standard model or the model B, both are shown below. Both are identical and have interchangable tips. The standard model on the left has an added tip, the model B is shown without.

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Microflame Torch
Microflame Torch Model B

Miniature explosion expert Joe Viskocil was resposible for the torch effect in the scene with the Jawa attaching the restraining bolt to Artoo. It was filmed as an insert shot at ILM in California. The same type of explosion was used for the destruction of the Death Star. The climatic explosion was filmed at 300 frames-per-second to slow it down, while the Jawa microwelder effect was the only explosion effect filmed at real time.

Behind the Scenes of A New Hope

The blue Micronox cylinder was used on Han Solo's belt in A New Hope.